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JOB SCAM ALERT: Andy Frain Services does not have any Full Time Remote Customer Service jobs posted on any job board. There are no such positions available at Andy Frain Services. Applicants: Please be aware, fake online job postings are skyrocketing. Don't be a victim of these online scam attempts.


Andy Frain Services provides trained and capable security officers for shopping center facilities in order to successfully improve the safety and security for families, tenants, and all customers. Shopping center facilities are a multifaceted “community” of tenants, patrons, administrators, and suppliers. Andy Frain Services understands that no shopping center facilities are alike and we customize our implementation/training/operations plans specific to the needs of our clients. Andy Frain Services also understands the need for continual communication and reporting, which is why we incorporate our Prism eSolutions technology in our contracts to provide our clients with the most up to date technology reports possible.

From our beginning in 1924, Andy Frain Services has been the leader in providing security services to many private and public sector venues throughout the nation. That experience has undoubtedly benefited our customer service and the security requirements for our clients. Andy Frain Services provides solutions for access control, vehicle patrol, bicycle patrol, perimeter/walking patrol, security coverage, and EMT/first responder.

Training is a core value at Andy Frain Services. Creating a knowledgeable, motivated, and customer-focused team is the foundation of our success in providing world-class security and guest services. We begin the process by hiring the right people – people who have the ability to represent our values and the values of our partners. To that end, we have developed First Impressions™, a proprietary Culture & Training program; the values of which is discussed at length in this response. Andy Frain Services invests heavily in the support and enhancement of our managers through trade association participation. In addition, our staff receives advanced training which includes emergency response, counterterrorism, crisis intervention, emergency preparedness, tactical communication, CPR/First Aid, AED and all additional required topics by our clients.

Andy Frain Services has been awarded National SAFETY Act Certification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Should an act of terrorism occur on your property, Andy Frain protection may limit your liability. This certification demonstrates the quality and thoroughness of Andy Frain protection.

At Andy Frain, we exceed client standards presently in place in the market because “Customer Service is Every Employee’s Job.” We are continually striving to develop new programs to improve service and add value for our partners.

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