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Andy Frain Services

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Transportation Security

Our Security Services in this critical market encompasses airlines, air cargo, truck terminals, marine and cruise terminals. Andy Frain’s U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Certification speaks volumes to the quality, thoroughness, and capabilities of our Security services.

In this highly regulated industry, we consistently exceed customer expectations and requirements for documentation, attention to detail, and protection of assets.

Service Offerings

  • Terminal security
  • Cargo screening
  • Access control
  • Truck gates
  • Building and grounds security
  • Port security
  • Truck/container/vehicle inspection
  • Employee/visitor screening
  • Perimeter security & Patrols

Andy Frain Services currently brings value to our customers at over 20 U.S. Airports, 4 major ports, and completes security checks on over 500,000 trucks a year! Join our current customer list of Air Express, Ground Delivery, Air Forwarding, Major Airlines, Marine Terminals, Shipping and Cruise Lines, and Trucking Companies.

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