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At Andy Frain, we pride ourselves in our ability to integrate technology into our services, whether that technology is client-owned, proprietary, custom-built or off-the-shelf. Owning a technology company provides us with unprecedented flexibility to adapt software programs to the operational needs of the project.

Program Highlights

  • Features
    • Accessible from any PC with a web browser – no IT installation
    • Web-based systems for corrective actions, internal audits, customer satisfaction surveys, customer relationship management, data collection, electronic forms
    • Affords long-term document control and management
    • Allows choice of most appropriate schedule for registration
    • Project continuity
  • Value and Return on Investment
    • 100% - 200% return on investment – every year!


The following are some of the technologies that we have successfully integrated into our service:

  1. equation® ASP — a software product of Prism eSolutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary for Andy Frain, equation® ASP provides industry specific audit, compliance, document management, incident management, reporting and training applications.
  2. Celayix — workforce management software; scheduling, time and attendance, etc.
  3. Employee Performance Index (EPI) — an employee evaluation tool that allows us to measure a security guard and event staff’s customer service skills, knowledge of procedures and their assigned location.
  4. Pocket Guide — a software product of Prism eSolutions, the Pocket Guide takes your security program (Post Orders, Emergency Response Guidelines, etc.) from the desk and delivers to a tablet or smart phone.
  5. ReadyTrack — a custom software solution for logging, updating, and tracking issues in real-time. It’s a powerful tool that provides event managers with the information they need to make decisions, report incidents, and manage operations.
  6. Redi-Trak™ Workforce Management System (WMS) — a technology solution built for “Field” and “Command Center” networks. At its core, WMS sets out to provide management and facility operations teams with a platform to integrate guard tour processes without the friction of traditional security software products.

Incorporating technology into our service allows our trained and capable security and event staff to more efficiently and effectively provide the contracted services as well as many other services which benefit our clients. Additionally, particularly through the use of equation® ASP, Andy Frain clients are able to monitor contract Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and incidents in near real-time to ensure that we are compliant with contract requirements and local, state and federal regulations.

equation® ASP Overview

Prism’s equation® ASP is a web-based application that helps our customers implement, maintain, document and improve business, compliance and certification management systems. equation® ASP can be provided as a stand-alone technology solution, or integrated with our Consulting Services to establish, implement and maintain your business management system.

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