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Andy Frain Services

JOB SCAM ALERT: Andy Frain Services does not have any Full Time Remote Customer Service jobs posted on any job board. There are no such positions available at Andy Frain Services. Applicants: Please be aware, fake online job postings are skyrocketing. Don't be a victim of these online scam attempts.

Special Events

Providing security and event staff for special events takes some very unique skills. Our ability to hire, train, and mobilize a high quality, very large workforce quickly for a one day or week long event is one of our many values. Whether it is a trade show, concerts, the Kentucky Derby, the US Golf Open, The Solheim Cup, state fairs, or The Beatles Concerts, Andy Frain Services has done it all with great results.

Screening equipment, radios, and surveillance cameras can all be part of our Special Events solution along with a highly skilled and trained security and event staff. Our focus is your customer, fan, participant, or employee. An Andy Frain Representative may be both the first and last person your participant meets at your special event. Professionalism, courtesy, focus, communication, and appearance are cornerstones of our employee training. Sharp, aware, Andy Frain Professionals are “hired for attitude and trained to skills.”

Our National SAFETY Act Certification provides Andy Frain event customer’s additional protection and limits their liability against any act of terrorism.

Special Events Customers

  • USGA and LPGA
  • NHRA
  • PGA
  • Major stadiums, arenas and convention centers
  • State fairgrounds
  • Festivals and music fests
  • Trade shows

Services Provided

  • Security
  • Event staff screening
  • Ticket takers
  • Parking/valet
  • Ushers
  • Concierge services
  • Roving patrols
  • VIP services
  • Wheelchair assistants
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